Park Tavern Chicago launches party table with personal taps

"A unique, innovative, and engaging system that is revolutionizing the drinking experience, one pour at a time! Pour your own beer or vodka from the comfort of your own table and enjoy a premium, no-wait standard of service. Digital screens record and display consumption."

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STATS, the latest restaurant by the creators of TRIOIS and TAP, has installed a system at 17 tables that allows you to pour your own beer. "It's a way to keep things flowing, especially in a big restaurant," said Bob Amick, who consulted on STATS. "

And you never have to worry about a beer glass getting warm." The Irish technologhy, imported by Table Tap LLC, is approved by the authorities, but Amick is the first U.S. restaurant to try it. The tap is on the "governor" that shuts off after a certain number of ounces, and patrons prove legal drinking age. STATS will open to the public Nov. 14th.

Atlanta Business Chronicle Nov 9th 2007