The Well Apartments - Henderson, NV
The Well apartments in Henderson, NV are leading the way in home innovation and automation. With ADA compliant apartments/amenities and an amazing beer and wine system, we're sure they will be successful for years to come!

The Cave - Delta Junction, AK
The Cave in Delta Junction, AK ordered a beautiful mobile Table Tap system from us! First self pour implementation in the Great Wide Open!! 
Table Tap founder Jeff Libby Takes Tech to the Tap Ounce by Ounce

Atlanta, GA June 19th, 2016

What's the story behind Table Tap?

After seeing a self service beer table while living in Argentina, I was instantly inspired to bring Pour Your Own to patrons in the US and abroad.  Upon my return, I immersed myself in the beer business working for a large distributor learning the ins and outs of the beer industry.  My tenure at Eagle Rock further validated the value self service beer could bring to beverage operations.  After several meetings with alcohol authorities, many enhancements were applied to align the system with US laws and consumer preferences.  I founded Table Tap in 2006 and launched the first ever self service beer system in the United States at Stats sports bar in downtown Atlanta.  Today, Table Tap has installed over 100 systems globally, is responsible for the majority of self service beer systems in the US and its approval by alcohol authorities in almost all 50 states.

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Cross Campus - Santa Monica, CA

We are proud to partner with Cross Campus To break self pour dispensing technology into the office space and Co. working environment!!! Cross campus locations all feature TableTap self pour technology allowing their members to pay by the ounce for what they pour! Cold brew coffee, kombucha, draft beer and even teas. Pour your own beer at the office! Why not?

Red Arrow Taproom hits Chicago Suburbs

A new concept in a self-serve craft beer tap room is set to roll out in downtown Elmhurst after aldermen on the Public Affairs and Safety Committee agreed Monday to recommend City Council approval of the plan.

Union Berkley Riverfront - KCMO

Union Berkley Riverfront is a state of the art apartment complex in Kansas City, MO. It was an honor to install this is system for them! Check out the article below on Flarhety & Collins for more information!

Cat-Man-Do's - Escanaba, MI

First TableTender self pour system in Michigan! CatManDo's in the UP! It's been a long time coming Michigan! Very exciting!

Elevate Apartments - Englewood, CO

How cool would it be to have self serve beer and wine in your condo complex?! Elevate in Denver makes that dream come true! With a focus on socialization between the residents the developers thought this would be a great idea! We definitely agree!

Mary's Pizza Shack - Redding, CA

Our 18 tap beer wall helped transform Mary's Pizza Shack in Redding, CA into Mary's Tap Shack! We are very excited to see this take Mary's to the next level! With a great selection of local breweries on tap, we are sure that this system will keep people coming in for years to come!

San Francisco Brewing Company

The first self serve beer wall in NorCal was installed at San Francisco Brewing Company in Ghirardelli Square! Very exciting to be a part of this project!

Flaherty & Collins celebrates grand-opening of $72 million development
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Red Robin - Castle Rock, CO

The Castle Rock location Red Robin is leading the way in self serve innovation. Multiple ideas have been implemented into this location and we're very happy to be a part of it!


Bru in Boise, ID was an absolute blast to install. What an awesome location. They dove in head first and went with the whole shabbang. Amazing beer wall, self serve ordering, great vibes and good food! Check out Bru if you're in the area!


Chicken & Pour Your Own Beer two of our most favorite things! Props to Plucked for pioneering the first fast casual beer wall in the Bay Area! 

Inspire SouthPark

Inspire Southpark in Charlotte is a luxury apartment community. Wow, what a place! Bringing self serve beer and wine to Charlotte living was an absolute blast and a pleasure!