Frequently asked questions

Pre-programmed, per patron dispense limits only permit customers access to 32 ounces of beer or 12 ounces of wine at a time.  As the pioneers of self service beer in the US, Table Tap’s top priority is to ensure our system does not run afoul of any relevant alcohol laws and regulations.  Table Tap received the first official approval of self-pour technology from the Georgia Alcohol and Tobacco Division in 2007.  Since then Table Tap has blazed the path state by state, to empower operators to responsibly offer their patrons the freedom to pour their own.  All the normal precautions are taken by the operator in regards to checking IDs and assessing sobriety before access is granted to the taps. The adjustable dispense limit satisfies most any state laws regarding quantity dispensed per patron, ensures human intervention throughout the entire process, and ultimately promotes responsible pouring. 

Table Taps begin in an inactive state making it impossible for a customer to pour beer from the tap(s).  Table Taps are activated by the establishment’s licensed staff using a back of the house Master iPad running the Table Tap software application.  Staff members simply select the table, enter the number of patrons authorized for that table and then click Activate which actuates an electronic valve installed in the beer lines enabling patrons to pour their own.

Customers are issued RFID beer cards.  They can run a tab or they can pre-load a dollar amount. The iPads count ounces dispensed and display the customer’s account balance real-time as patrons pour from the tap.

Our iOS and Android compatible companion smart phone App that enables customers to add additional credit to their RFID beer card, track dispense history, rate beers, receive offers, and learn about new tappings, events and happenings at the venue.  


Table Tap is the first company worldwide to market self-service draft monitoring and control systems. We have the longest standing track record and have installed more than 2,000 self-pour taps.  We currently have the most robust, advanced and reliable self-pour solution, with more features and capabilities than any other system on the market.  We are the originals, the innovators, the thought leaders that continue to evolve our offerings so you can be sure your technology will move with the times.

A mobile beer/wine wall or table taps are a completely self-contained beer system including fobs, faucets, cooling as well as our technology embedded into the units. Mobile units are ideal for easy install requiring nothing more than a 110v plug and a cat5 connection coming from the units to the Beer Card activation station (This is where Beer Tables and Beer Cards are activated so customers can access taps).

Built-in Versions typically require more project management from our end since you are either including it in your drawings or in the process of a renovation. Our Team is by far the most experienced at assisting in this process. Experience on our end allows you to have a clear picture of how our piece of the puzzle easily fits into your business.

Yes, the system can be tailored to an existing establishment. The establishment will need to be prepared to accommodate an installation and it may involve some minor construction costs. 

We are the only company in this industry to have an established service network or draft beer system certified technicians and engineers. Our offices are headquartered in Atlanta, GA, but our coverage reach is thoughout the globe. Besides providing you with prompt on-demand technical support, we can also virtually log in to your system, allowing us to diagnose any technical issue as if we were onsite. The monthly software/ hardware/ warrantee comes at a low monthly rate to ensure that your system is working at all times. We have a vested interest in your system working 100% of the time.

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