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A team of technologists, beverage dispensing specialist and craft beer enthusiasts dedicated to the pursuit of hoppiness!

Table Tap LLC is the first company worldwide to market and sell self-service beverage dispensing monitoring and control systems. The Company’s primary focus is Pour Your Own Beer (P.Y.O.B.) with our flagship TableTender® (table taps) and WallTender™ (beer walls) systems. Our products provide real-time data at the point of dispense in regards to who pours what, when, where and how much of each beverage.

Table Tap is dedicated to providing the most interactive and engaging self-service beverage monitoring and control hardware and software solutions. The Company’s primary focus in “P.Y.O.B.” (table taps and beer walls) with our flagship TableTender® and WallTender™ self-pour systems. The technology also accommodates liquor, cocktails, wine, kombucha, coffee and even soda. Table Tap paved the way for self –pour adult beverages in the United States launching the first self service beer system in 2006 at Stats in Atlanta, GA. We are responsible for the launch and proliferation of the “Pour Your Own Beer” movement and its approval in almost all 50 states. The boom in craft beer in 2009 inspired us to create what is known today as a “beer wall”. We embrace the freedom to pour your own and empower patrons to “Buy the Ounce”.

Table Tap offers the most advanced and comprehensive suite of self serve technology available anywhere in the world with “Pour Your Own” taps, self-service menu ordering, a smartphone App and a fully integrated EPOS. Our team of developers is dedicated to leveraging advancements in technology to continually evolve the offering so you can be sure your system will move with the times, not be left behind them. We operate our own venues using all of our products, so we know first hand that everything we offer works well in a real pub environment. We can advise you on how to set up and get the best use out of any of our products and talk you through how each one is constantly subject to continuous development and improvement. We strive to make sure we're always ahead of the latest technology, and that our customers are enjoying the benefits.

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CEO, Restaurants America, Chicago, IL

This way, you don't pay for pitchers you don't drink, the beer stays cold, and you can refill whenever you feel like it. TableTender is innovative, ground-breaking, and just plain cool! It takes "bottle/table service" to a whole new level.