Case Study: The Thirsty Bear

The Stamford Arms was struggling to make ends meet from its regular customers and week time trade from nearby offices. Having made heavy losses for a number of years, the lease was bought by The Robot Pub Group our partners in the UK as a pilot and showcase of the system. In January 2012, 15 tables with iPads were installed, with 12 of those linked to self-serve taps. The pub re-opened at the end of January as The Thirsty Bear, which was followed by a rapid jump in revenue. This continued to increase over the coming weeks and months and for the first time in years, the venue became profitable.

*Comparing a 4 week period in November pre-install to a 4 week period in March post-install

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Bay Street Biergarten

Owner, Bay Street Biergarten, Charleston, SC

We love the Bier Wall, that is our real money maker. It's great having the two communal tables also that utilize the Bier Cards, so when we're slammed, customers can access 14 biers without waiting in line.