Case Study: The Thirsty Bear

The Stamford Arms was struggling to make ends meet from its regular customers and week time trade from nearby offices. Having made heavy losses for a number of years, the lease was bought by The Robot Pub Group our partners in the UK as a pilot and showcase of the system. In January 2012, 15 tables with iPads were installed, with 12 of those linked to self-serve taps. The pub re-opened at the end of January as The Thirsty Bear, which was followed by a rapid jump in revenue. This continued to increase over the coming weeks and months and for the first time in years, the venue became profitable.

*Comparing a 4 week period in November pre-install to a 4 week period in March post-install

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Owner, Mary's Pizza Shack, Charles Byerly

We chose to work with Table Tap and their team does a great job!