Table Tap founder Jeff Libby Takes Tech to the Tap Ounce by Ounce

Atlanta, GA June 19th, 2016

What's the story behind Table Tap?

After seeing a self service beer table while living in Argentina, I was instantly inspired to bring Pour Your Own to patrons in the US and abroad.  Upon my return, I immersed myself in the beer business working for a large distributor learning the ins and outs of the beer industry.  My tenure at Eagle Rock further validated the value self service beer could bring to beverage operations.  After several meetings with alcohol authorities, many enhancements were applied to align the system with US laws and consumer preferences.  I founded Table Tap in 2006 and launched the first ever self service beer system in the United States at Stats sports bar in downtown Atlanta.  Today, Table Tap has installed over 100 systems globally, is responsible for the majority of self service beer systems in the US and its approval by alcohol authorities in almost all 50 states.

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Tabletop tap tech begets bountiful beer

It's a beer lover's dream come true: a tap right at the table, with on-demand lager. No sitting around trying to flag a waitress for a refill. Just put your glass under the tap and milk it for all it's worth.

Johnny Crawford/STAFF 

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Red Arrow Taproom hits Chicago Suburbs

A new concept in a self-serve craft beer tap room is set to roll out in downtown Elmhurst after aldermen on the Public Affairs and Safety Committee agreed Monday to recommend City Council approval of the plan.

Stats Restaurant Atlanta

Stats, the latest and greatest sports bar in Atlanta was looking to do something to differentiate themselves from your typical sports bar, so they decided to put in the TableTender system to see how patrons would react. Ever since the grand opening people have been raving about the beer system. The tables with taps are booked sometimes two weeks in advance. Stats has actually been able to charge significant premiums for sitting at TableTender tables. The TableTender system has clearly been a valuable asset to Stats and has distinguished the concept as the most innovative sports bar in the nation!

Taps at The Table: in Georgia, Personal Beer

March Madness was in full swing at the Atlanta sports bar, but fans huddled around the beer tap at their table - yes, at their table - were asking their own maddening question.

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Table Tap LLC & Southeast Asia

The “on-demand” drinking system uses the most advanced beer monitoring equipment to ensure accurate and user-friendly reporting with each table has its own display featuring the quantity that have been poured and records real-time information. The state-of-the-art flow meters and valves, designed specifically for beer, allows the system to control and record the flow.

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Park Tavern Chicago launches party table with personal taps

"A unique, innovative, and engaging system that is revolutionizing the drinking experience, one pour at a time! Pour your own beer or vodka from the comfort of your own table and enjoy a premium, no-wait standard of service. Digital screens record and display consumption."

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WallTender Launches in NYC

Posted: Feb. 10th, 2013

Harlem, NY — Kitchen and Lounge, Harlem, NY launches WallTender® opening March 2013